Get Coached by Greg Butler of the Knicks and Clippers

Play Winter Travel Basketball and be coached by Greg Butler. Greg played in the NBA for three seasons with the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers. In high school, Greg was one of the top players in the country (for Rolling Hills Preparatory School in San Pedro, CA). Greg played center for four years at Stanford University.

Greg Butler is a senior coach with the Greenwich Stars. He played in the NBA. Greg is an outstanding coach who loves to teach the game of basketball.  He has been involved in every level of basketball (youth, high school, college and the NBA) and knows what it takes to excel. He wants every player to be the best they can be. Greg is a great communicator – he’s always positive and always encouraging.  His practices and skills sessions are phenomenal.  Greg’s teams are fundamentally sound and they play aggressive defense. His players are smart, unselfish and committed to excellence.