Play Basketball with Your Favorite “American Ninja Warriors”

Play Basketball with Your Favorite “American Ninja Warriors”

Sunday, September 24 (10AM – 4PM) – Greenwich, CT.

Your child can play basketball with their favorite “American Ninja Warrior” TV Stars including the #1 most popular Ninjas in the world: Joe Moravsky (“The Weatherman”) and Allyssa Beird. Play basketball with the Ninja Warriors, and take photos with the Ninjas, get autographs and hang out with your favorite Ninja Warrior stars.

All proceeds from this private event go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) on behalf of Ninja Henry Ferrarin’s “Ninja For a Cure” Campaign. Henry Ferrarin is the Senior Director and Senior Coach for the Greenwich Stars Basketball Organization. His mother is a breast cancer survivor. This event came about because of Henry’s unwavering campaign to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Play basketball with (12) of your your favorite “Ninja Warrior” Stars. Each of these “Ninjas” have participated on the hugely popular TV Show, “American Ninja Warrior.” The biggest names in the Ninja Warrior World will appear at the Basketball Challenge including the #1 most popular male and female Ninja’s in the world, Joe Moravsky (“The Weatherman”) and Allyssa Beird. Also appearing are the following Ninja’s who you know from the American Ninja Warrior Show: Henry Ferrarin, James “The Beast” McGrath, Chris Wilczewski, Lucio Battista (“The Moustache Ninja”), Samer Delgado (“The Barstarzz Ninja”), Matt Guardo (“The Pocono Ninja”), Maura Sherman (“The Ninja Maurrior”), Annikka Nieshalla, Justin Conway, Derek Mathews and Yancey Quezada.

This will be a 2 person round-robin team challenge event and you will be assigned randomly to a team led by a Ninja Warrior either in the 10AM – 12PM time period or the 2PM – 4PM time period. Your team will be led by a Ninja Warrior and they will play other teams led by Ninja Warriors.

To Register/Donate for this Incredible Event: go to:

Please note: The last day to register will be Thursday, September 21st at 5 pm EST and there will NOT be day-of registration available. A schedule will be sent out to all registered participants by Friday, September 22nd at 1 pm EST. 

If you can’t play in the event, but still want to donate, you can do so.

For more info, please call John Raybin at: 203.661.4444 or