Greenwich Stars Fall Basketball Tryouts – September 5, 6

The Greenwich Stars “Fall” Travel Team Tryout schedule is below in RED.

Free Tryouts on Tuesday, September 5 and Wednesday, September 6.

Play is September 5 – November 5 for Boys and Girls (Ages 7-15). 2 -3 teams per age group. Players welcome from all towns.

There’s little traveling in the Fall. Most Fall tournament games are very local – held in or near Westchester County, NY.

Professional Coaches. No Parent Coaches. No Politics.

Free Tryouts held at: Carmel Academy, 270 Lake Avenue, Greenwich, CT. No RSVP needed – Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to register.


Fall Travel Team Tryouts (Free Tryouts – No Pre-Registration Necessary. Please arrive 15 minutes early to register).

Boys Ages: 7/8/9: Tuesday, September 5 (5:15PM- 6:30PM)

Boys Ages 10/11: Tuesday, September 5 (6:30PM- 7:45PM)

Boys Ages 12/13: Tuesday, September 5 (7:45PM- 9PM)

Boys Ages 14/15: Wednesday, September 6 (8:15PM- 9:30PM)


Girls Ages: 9/10/11: Wednesday, September 6 (5:15PM- 6:15PM)

Girls Ages 12/13/14: Wednesday, September 6 (7:15PM- 8:15PM)


* Practices: Two practices a week (practices are one hour).

* Local Tournaments: held on Saturdays/Sundays

* The Greenwich Stars are Zero Gravity National Champions and 6-time Zero Gravity National Championship Finalists.

Note: In addition to our Fall Travel teams, we also have (18) Winter Travel teams for Boys and Girls, Ages 7-15. Play in the Winter is from November – March. Free Tryouts for Winter Travel Teams are held Monday, September 25, Tuesday, September 26 and Wednesday, September 27.


For more info, please contact John Raybin at or call: 203.661.4444