Coach Henry Ferrarin of the Greenwich Stars

For over 7 years, Coach Henry has been the leader of the Greenwich Stars basketball coaching staff.  He’s won more league championships and tournament games than any other coach in the region.

Senior Director and Senior Coach Henry Ferrarin is a dynamic leader who is an outstanding communicator. He preaches “the fundamentals” of basketball because they are the backbone of the game. Henry believes in being prepared and working hard in training and practice sessions. He has a commanding presence on the sidelines and is a beloved and respected coach.

Coach Henry also heads up The Greenwich Stars SPECIAL NEEDS Basketball Program called – “SPECIAL STARS.” This Program is for boys and girls who have Special Needs. Coach Henry has led Special Needs sports programming for almost a decade. The Greenwich Stars “SPECIAL STARS” program (led by Coach Henry) is unique, exciting and it puts a huge smile on the faces of kids and their parents.

Coach Henry is also an “American Ninja Warrior” having appeared on the hit TV show numerous times. He grew up in Irvington, NY. He was a multi-sport student/athlete and played baseball, soccer, track and field, football and basketball. Coach Henry was a terrific basketball player in college at SUNY Purchase and was the captain of the team.