Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

My father died when I was young.

Thanksgiving was my father’s favorite holiday.

My father died in Mexico City while helping others make their life a little better.

Most of the Greenwich Stars principles, ideas and foundation are built around what my dad taught me: to make sure kids have fun, to smile and learn; to be honest, to care deeply, to follow rules and guidelines; to show up and be committed, and to always try your best. All of these lessons will help them achieve success in basketball and in life.

My father was a fundraising consultant who traveled the world and his life was built around family and helping others. That’s what the Greenwich Stars are all about. Helping. Developing. Teaching. Nurturing. Caring. We have players of all ages and talent levels from 38 different towns in New York and Connecticut. On and off the basketball court, we’re there for our players and their families. Always.

Yes, the Greenwich Stars have won (3) National Championships and countless league titles and major championships – but winning is not what we’re all about. It’s about our players having fun, learning, growing, giving back and doing things the right way. Everything we do in our organization is built around our players, to make sure they have an experience that is special and memorable.

My father always told me to surround yourself with people as good or better than you. Our Professional Coaches are outstanding, incredible people. Not only are they terrific coaches, but are even better men and women. The Greenwich Stars are who we are because of our coaches.

The Greenwich Stars continue to grow at a phenomenal rate – with more players and teams than ever before. We added a great new facility and more coaches this year. In 2018, we grew an amazing 28% over last year.

The Greenwich Stars are a big Basketball family that is much more than just a big basketball organization. We also teach life lessons. If your child wants to be involved in volunteer projects that The Greenwich Stars conduct in schools, in the community and with local charitable organizations – please let me know.  If we can help you and your family in any way (on or off the court) – count on us to be there for you.

On this Thanksgiving, I give thanks and appreciation to all of our wonderful players, families and coaches for your commitment and for being part of the Greenwich Stars family. You are the ones who make the Stars so special.

Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving,

John Raybin

President – Greenwich Stars Basketball Organization, Greenwich, CT



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