Tristan Joseph of the Brunswick School and the Greenwich Stars

It’s February – but my blog (below) about Tristan Joseph from Thanksgiving needs an update. I want you all to know how proud I am of Tristan Joseph. I think the world of Tristan. Tristan is one of the greatest Greenwich Stars basketball players (ever). Since this blog message appeared, Tristan has become a starter (as a freshman) on the Brunswick School Varsity Basketball Team (Greenwich, CT). He’s also getting good grades and working hard to be the best student he can be. Tristan knows a great education comes first. And his school work is more important than any basketball court.

It’s Thanksgiving and this blog is about “T”….Tristan Joseph or as we call him “T”, lives in Norwalk, CT with his family. T is 15 years old and he’s one of the greatest basketball players in Greenwich Stars history. He started out 6 years ago playing on our White teams. After 3 years, he made it to the Blue teams (Blue teams are our top teams). No one has ever worked harder and with more determination than T. He’s led our teams to many championships and been a role model for so many other players over the years. T is smart, talented and caring. He speaks four languages

Last February, T received the great news that he was accepted into private school at The Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT. He called me the day he got in. It was and is a life changing event for T and his wonderful family.

T and I see each other very frequently (see the attached photo of us). Note: T is a role model for the other Greenwich Stars players – he “Gives Back” and “Give Thanks” by helping others around him. T is also an assistant coach for our 4 and 5 year old Greenwich Stars basketball program. T and I often get together and talk more about being a good student and a good person more than being a great basketball player. So it wasn’t that unusual that he came to see me last week. What was unusual is that he surprised me by coming by late at night to talk outside the Gym in the parking lot. T wanted to tell me how he is doing at school and how his studies were going. Then he told me the amazing and exciting news that as a freshman – he had just made the Brunswick Varsity Basketball Team. It was a great moment for a wonderful kid that has come so far. So fast. So well.   T understands his gift for basketball and how he can help others thru the game he loves dearly.

The Greenwich Stars are a big Basketball family that is much more than just a basketball organization  If your child wants to be involved in volunteer projects that we do in schools or community outreach that we do with local charitable organizations – let me know.

If we can help you and your family in any way (on and off the court) – count on us to be there for you.

On this Thanksgiving, I give thanks to our incredible (current and past) players, families and coaches for being part of the Greenwich Stars family. You are the ones who have made the Stars so special. I appreciate your support, commitment and dedication to our basketball family.

Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving,

John Raybin

President – Greenwich Stars Basketball Organization

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